I feel it’s important for potential clients to get a sense of how I can help them before they get in touch. So I have included this page of testimonials from my previous clients. They are signed anonymously to protect confidentiality.


“Penny was easy to talk to and i felt no judgement from her. She helped me through a tough time and to see everything in a more positive light and be happier within myself.”

Anon (May 2020)


“I am very thankful to have met Penny. She has really supported me in my journey to deal with issues that I needed to resolve.”

JB (March 2020)


“I always felt understood and never ever judged, no matter what I brought up.

Penny was warm, genuine, and facilitated a space for me that soon became important for my self- care and I looked forward to it. My space, to go over whatever I wanted, knowing that she would support with respect and care. I see a therapeutic relationship with Penny as crucial investment in yourself and would recommend her to anyone.

On my journey my confidence, self-trust of my decisions, and a sense of myself has improved significantly.

Penny, Thank you so much, for everything.”

N (Wickford, Nov 2019)


More testimonials coming soon…