FAQ—Coronavirus and therapy

FAQ—COVID-19 and therapy

UPDATED 29/04/20

Q Are you still doing face to face sessions?

A In line with government, NHS and membership body guidelines, I will not be seeing anyone for face to face sessions for the time being unless certain criteria are met (we can have a discussion about whether this would be the right option for you).

Q Are you taking on any new clients for online sessions?

A Yes I am still taking on new clients and all sessions (for the time being) would be video calling sessions.

Q How would we do video calling (online) sessions?

A We would use the VSee software/app, which is free and secure video calling software designed for professional use. You can download/install and sign up at www.vsee.com or find the app on iOS/android. Online sessions will need to be similarly set up to face to face sessions, meaning we both will be situated in a quiet, private space that is free of distractions and where we are able to sit comfortably. *Note: video call quality is often best when using a wired connection to a PC/laptop*

UPDATED 15/03/20

Q What are you doing to minimize risk?

A Personally, I am taking extra precautions to frequently and thoroughly wash my hands at every opportunity,  frequently using anti-viral hand sanitizer and avoiding shaking hands.

Within the counselling space, after each client I am disinfecting all hard surfaces that clients might touch, and temporarily minimizing my soft furnishings. The distance between us when seated is approx 6ft, which is the recommended length for ‘social distancing’ measures.

Furthermore, I am asking all clients to use the provided anti-viral hand sanitizer at the beginning of each session and all clients have access to a sink to wash their hands if they wish to.

Q What can I do to minimize my risk?

A Keep up to date on official NHS guidelines and government guidelines and do what you feel is best for you.

Q What happens if you or I have to self-isolate?

A If you need to self-isolate, I ask that you let me know as soon as possible so we can make appropriate arrangements. Similarly, if I need to self-isolate I will get in touch with you as quickly as I can so we can make preparations. If this happens, you will have a choice of options: to switch our sessions to video call (online) for the isolation period, put them on hold as necessary or end them altogether.

Q Can I switch to online sessions as a precaution?

A Yes of course we can switch from face to face to online sessions if that is what you wish to do. Just let me know if this is the case for you.

Q What should I do if I feel unwell before an upcoming session?

A If you feel unwell in the days before our session, let me know and we can discuss how to proceed. If you feel unwell on the day and a session can’t take place (face to face or online), I may charge a £25 cancellation fee in accordance with my existing cancellation policy.